About me, you and the universal field we live in

Everything – every thought, feeling, emotion, experience - is energy and thus has a specific vibration / frequency. You can change the vibration and chose a new/ different one at any given moment. We all actually do that all the time whether we are consciously aware of it or not – so really you are a master in this as well, and you have everything required to create your magical life always.

This is something I love pointing out, and everything I offer is based on the awareness and the knowing that you do not need anything and you do not need to change anything and I would be totally happy and find something else with my time to do, if nobody booked my services in this area anymore.

Having said that and pointed out that I am truly open for that possibility to become real at any moment, since apparently there still seem to be situations / topics showing up that make people / beings forget their/your own abilities or cloud them a little bit, (e.g. pushing emotionally charged buttons) and the more joyful possibilities, I offer this support and you can choose it, if it feels inspiring to you, be it that in a moment that seems challenging you feel like you need it or simply feel like enjoying a session together, to open up to even more possibilities.



 About me  : )

Hi there  and welcome!

I am happy you felt inspired to check out this space and communicate with me here.

I’m Iris. The meaning of my name is ‘rainbow’ in a couple of languages. Having always felt very connected with the heavens and the earth at the same time I can identify with that meaning.

If I put words to what I am doing and offering for you, I’d call it universal energy communication.

Every thought, feeling, emotion, every being, everybody, everything and every experience is at it’s core energy, communicating, interacting and connecting at a certain frequency or frequencies.

So basically, we are like a giant radio, sending and receiving energy waves and information at all times. The channel or frequency you are currently tuned into, the song you are currently ‘hearing’ is what you experience as your life.

By shifting the energy you tap into a different channel, (or energetic layer of possibilities) you are picking up a different frequency and you shift your life’s background music and melody and by that the key and ‘flavor’ of what you experience and how.

It takes as long and is about as complicated as switching on the light in a room. Or blinking once.

It’s as easy. Simple. And fast. Like breathing. We naturally do it all the time.

And by the way…we are really high-tech, too, because we can literally tap into, generate, receive and send infinite versions of energy on infinite frequency levels and compose entire symphonies so to speak, just like that. And send and receive many different frequencies at the same time, for all areas of your life.  And with that tap into / connect with different dimensional versions of the universal field.

How is that helpful for our everyday life?

Most of us as human beings haven’t been educated to be cognitively aware of what we are sending out and receiving on what we perceive as the more subtle energetic levels.

You can look at that from very different ‘angles’. You can call it energy, you can call it subconscious information, you can look at it scientifically as quantum physics….

At the core, the awareness is the same.

Or as I would put it: there is universal energy that the universe is made of or created by. We are it and we are creating it at the same time. It flows through us, expressing it’s creativity in infinitely unique ways with everything we do, think, feel, say, cook, paint, sing….


I don’t mind if you have a different view on that, though.

You also don’t have to do things my way.

You are an amazingly unique being, and what I base not just my work, but my overall interaction with the world on, is to be open to inspire people to find and live what works and is joyful for them. It could be the same as for me. It could be very similar… or different.

It will always be unique to you. Because you are. And universal at the same time, because you are that, too, so you are always connected and never alone.

: )

It’s that energy of ‘what frequency can you tap into now, that would work for you, that you like, and enjoy as your life’s experience?’ … I include that ‘music channel’ activated in me and my work basically all the time.

I am not responsible for you or your life. I am just being here for you while being aware that you are an incredibly talented composer : )

Supporting you to connect or reconnect with that knowing.

That there are possibilities already here for you, whether you already see them or not, and that you are free to choose.

That you can find a new song, that you love.

And a new one any time.  And that you can listen to it any time you want to, living your truly happy and magical life : ) 

I love the word ‘magical’ btw, so I might be using it a lot. For me it just means being aware of infinite joyful possibilities and to allow yourself to play with them. And powerful to me means to find many different possibilities easily accessible.

If that sounds weird to your ears, you might start with simply considering a life possible, that is just a little bit more easy, joyful and prosperous, than what it felt like until now…..whatever you feel like. And tap into that.



A few facts about me:

I love travelling, dancing, checking out energies, expanding my awareness and communicating on different levels and in different languages...and with all sorts of beings.

I used to belly dance. My cello is called Eugen.

I genuinely like being me, because it’s never boring to spend my life with me : )

The people around me sometimes describe me as a little bit mysterious and fast in learning and exploring new things.

Beings who know me a bit might also know that I have a very big heart and care about and feel universally connected with literally every being: humans, horses, cats, dogs, flies, wasps, mosquitos, beetles, flamingos, sea horses, spiders, lizards…. people I know, and people I don't know, those who are on my own wave-length and people who might not so much feel or behave like soul-siblings on some level, they still have a place in my heart and I appreciate their existence. It took me a while, to allow myself to be as big-hearted with myself as I have always been with everybody else. I can enjoy this now, too….more and more…and let me tell you: I can highly recommend it : )

I love colours and looking at the clouds in the sky. (I know, you would never have guessed that, by looking at my website...*)

I have always had a very close connection with non-human animals and love spending time with them and maybe chatting with them a little, too.

I know what it feels like to live in universal bliss. Whether I am tapping into it 100% of the time, or not, I can and know what that is like. And that it is really possible. For everyone.  As their very own uniquely wonderful background music.

I used to 'step out' of that again, to not offend anybody, who hadn't discovered that for themselves yet, and to 'feel connected' in the old understanding of what that means.

I allow myself not do that anymore.

And I know now that we always are connected anyways - in a very open, free and enjoyable kind of way ~ without even trying.

And that I can stand in my own clarity and light, being aware of possibilities, and adjust the channel ~ choosing my own song ~ literally anywhere, anytime, and no matter what the 'circumstances' or frequencies around me.

Oh, and it is also possible for you, (yes, you ~ of course ~ but you already knew that !) as your very own uniquely bliss-filled background music.

And if you already know that, I am celebrating that with you!

And if you don't like what is showing up so far in any way, this is a brandnew moment and you can shift that.


Just like that …

and invite in a new experience.

and in case you feel like being supported check out the free stuff or contact me for a session, group call or workshop.


I love hearing from and talking with you.

And: we already are.