In every success story, testimonial and/or comment here is the frequency of the joy and wonderment about new possibilities and the joy and ease of receiving an inspirational session in itself...what would it feel like for you to invite in an uplifting energy 'upgrade' for your life now?

Let yourself be inspired just tapping into the energy of this space, my international client's inspirational experiences, in your unique way, for the joy of being, for all of you :)


How easy can it be?



Dear Iris,


I just really wanted to sincerely thank you for your help! The Intuitive Business Consulting session with you really surprised and amazed me in the most positive way possible.

Even though you didn’t know anything about me, your intuitive take on my situation and goals were so amazingly accurate and your consulting input was incredibly helpful. I got a lot of clarity on many aspects of my unique gifts and talents, my business goals, next practical steps and possibilities and feel even more inspired and positive about moving forward and actualizing them. It was a great help! I thank you from my heart!


Krenar (Germany/Albania, International Networker & Coach)



"Have you ever been on one of those Amazing Adventure Holidays???

Where the group of people you are with is so much fun and the tour guide knows so much and is such a wonderful, fun, bright, energetic, generous person that your holiday ends up being so much more than you have ever dreamed of???!!!!

Well, this is the only way I could ever describe taking a course or class with Iris!!!!

She takes you to new heights that you would never have thought possible!!! But then again that's everything she is all about!!! Infinite Possibilities while at the same time having So much Fun!!!!

Thank you Iris, beyond words for how much I appreciate you and your beautiful work!!!

You have brought so much Love, Ease and Joy into my Life through all I have learned and experienced through your BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE way of teaching and from just knowing YOU <3 

You do and will always have a special place in my heart <3 <3 <3"

Sharon (Medium and Intuitive, Dublin, Ireland) 



Iris is a beautiful, joy filled, inspirational soul who brings her passion for living a joyful life into her classes! 

I've learned enough about mediumship (with no previous mediumship experience) to begin giving readings, which somehow is surprising to me and certainly exceeded my expectations for the classes.  Each class is taught from the flow and Iris has a way of tapping into and bringing through the most beneficial material, processes, frequencies and sharing for the entire group. 

Each class felt magical and full of synchronicities!  My own life has been most impacted by Iris's continued reminders that we always have choice and that all possibilities are possible for each of us. 

Iris is a beautiful gift to the world and universe and her classes are certainly one of the best gifts I've ever given myself!!


Judy Lovens, USA (Intuitive, Medium, Inspirational Coach)


"I am so thankful for having Iris as a teacher during the past year.
She created a nurturing, sacred space filled with joy and enthusiasm!
With Iris as my guide, I felt supported and inspired to further develop my
intuitive gifts.
Now I have much more confidence and am excited to be more visible and offer
readings professionally.
I look forward to continue learning from Iris during her upcoming classes.

Readings from Iris are a magical experience, accurate, healing, fun, and
She communicates her messages with the most beautiful voice. In fact, I
think her voice is an energy tool,
A frequency that leaves you feeling nurtured and uplifted.
I highly recommend readings with Iris!"

Alexis (Transformational Coach, Intuitive Consultant)



Since meeting Iris, I have advised everyone I can to do whatever it takes to invite Iris into their lives... whether through her in-person workshops (which sell out quickly), her distance-learning classes and practice sessions (which have launched careers), her coveted evidential readings, or her work as a world-class intuitive business consultant for everyone from freelancers to international leaders.  

A teacher’s teacher and leader’s leader, Iris is not only among the most learned, creative, conscientious, authentic, trusted, beloved, and seasoned professionals in her field; she is also among the top two or three most brilliant and inspiring individuals in any field whom I have had the honor of knowing during my nearly 50 years.    
Her contagious joy will quicken your step and soothe your soul—but don’t confuse it with some fleeting, new-age froth.  Iris is a POWERHOUSE of rock-solid ancient and contemporary wisdom that is practical, aspirational, and always tailored to you, your life, and your business.
When combined with her supportive and deeply empowering guidance, Iris’ unique approach to life, love, and work will free you to touch the sky while feeling more grounded and stronger than ever before.  Most important, Iris will help you find your own reserves of confidence, focus, passion, and purposefulness so you can replicate the effects of her coaching later, on your own.
In my view, the best recipe for achieving significant business or spiritual growth is to work with someone who can clearly see both the depths of your challenges (as you experience/perceive them) and the limitlessness of your potential.  Iris is just such a seer.  Her clarity will leave you breathless and believing in magic—yours as well as hers.  
This year, give yourself the gift of seeing yourself, your work, your relationships, and your business through Iris’ eyes then get ready to be healed, challenged, uplifted, and forever changed.  ~  Jeanne-Marie Taylor


Words cannot express what an incredible, magnificent, and magical person you are!  You have a special way of speaking to my soul and every time I am in your presence I feel complete joy!  During our session you uncovered aspects of myself that were hidden away; your knowingness gave them permission to blossom in my life.  You are a beautiful Light Being, a Universal Guide, a SUPER talented psychic medium, and most importantly a new friend.  I wish you more abundance and prosperity than this world could even fathom!  Having a reading with you was a priceless gift; I encourage anyone and everyone to have a session with this powerful lady, you will not regret it!

Thank you for helping me elevate my life!  Sending you lots of LOVE today, tomorrow, and always!

Nicole M Ferguson, Lawton OK, United States



Hi Iris, just a quick word to tell you that since I took your advice that said "If you speak from your heart you will succeed" or something like that, a lot of opportunities came to me. Thank you for your beautiful energy and I wish you a wonderful day Iris ! (...)

I highly recommand taking Iris's services. Why? Because it will change your life! I've personnally experienced her talents at The International School of Clairvoyance's training practice group as she facilitates it. Iris is incredibly talented and always inspired. She will cheer you up and will raise your energy up as surely as the sun shows up everyday in the sky. Above all, she's generous and she's a very accurate professionnal psychic reader. Everyone who meets her will benefit and be amazed at the transformations within themselves. Thank you so much Iris. " 

B.R. Europe, France (and Hawai'i)



"Have to admit that my experience with Mediumship in Iris Mahal’s class has been deeply impactful.  I began as a bit of a skeptic and then was pleasantly surprised by loving support from the spirit world over and over again.  Gradually, I felt empowered, as Iris helped me connect with a natural flow of inspiration and wisdom from my higher spirit.  It’s reassuring that the class experience is intimate, and with practice there seems to be an almost effortless increase of clarity and joy.  And speaking about joy, Iris embodies happiness and delight in a tangible way that is rare.  She has a sharp mind and a deep heart.  After each class I felt lifted up and naturally confident.  As a teacher, Iris is supportive and alert, and I noticed she quickly reads what kind of help is needed for each student.  This is top-quality education.  And it’s fun to see that a reading can be a beautiful and inspirational experience for both the reader and the readee, the sitter.  I’m glad I had the courage to step into the world of Mediumship.  It has enhanced each of my clair senses.  And better yet, the Love of the Universe seems more like a cozy neighborhood now—available and accessible.  —  IR”



My Dad once said to me: you're fine but you look like someone standing at the of the circle of your own life: hesitant, unsure, looking at the middle: jump right in! was his advice. Iris has helped me to do just that.

Phenomenal, exponential expansion.

The true definition of "help you to help yourself" And so much fun.
 Coming from the remains of depression, washy grey turned to exhilarating, prismic rainbow colours: I can't wait to get on with the rest of my life as I envision it.
A session with Iris was better, more life-changing, exciting and so full of bubbling potential than four years of weekly analytical psychotherapy. A cloak of burdening heaviness was discarded leaving the shimmering, exciting and enthralling vista of potential that I now know is truly mine.

I haven't looked back since: I'm married, I have a baby boy and I've never felt as confident about the unlimited potential available to everyone of us, as long as we keep asking questions and are as open and inquisitive as my 13-month boy craving daily to get another chunk of this incredible universe. Thanks a godzillion Iris for empowering me to get back my own life!



"Iris is one of the most powerful, unique, joyfully awake and aware individuals I have ever met. She has a highly advanced ability of embodying and owning her light, wisdom and knowledge in a way that lifts the vibration of those around her to see and experience insights and possibilities they may have never seen. She is a true consciousness lifter. I have watched her in a group setting, gain the trust, reach into souls and expand the awareness on many levels, and I have also had the blessing of experiencing this with her, personally as well. Iris is a true 'universal' force of nature." 

Dot Todman

Celebrity Vocal Empowerment Coach, Los Angeles, CA


Iris found my father

For decades I’ve been looking for my father and Iris was able to find him!

But slowly: I was born in Japan 44 years ago. My Japanese father and my German mother fell in love in 1968. For her it was the love of her life and she never had another man in her whole life. Unfortunately my father had to leave my mother before I was born (for traditional reasons) and I didn't even know, if he knew about me at all. So I never had any contact to my father.

I grew up in Germany but always missed the father at my side so my mother promised to find him for me. She wrote letters to the German Embassy several times and tried everything to find a sign of my father, but she had no success.

After my mother’s death some years ago, I tried to find my father in my own way. I made an effortful internet research and asked friends who live in Japan to help me but I failed in every way. The only possibility seemed to be the commissioning of a private detective in Japan which would have been extremely expensive.

About one month ago a friend told me about Iris, her work and the fact that she speaks Japanese. Iris and I got in contact! She is really extremely supportive and the contact is very likeable. Iris took a lot of time to hear the story of my father (and 'clear the energy'*** around it;).

I told her the very view facts I knew about my father and she only concentrated on the energy she sensed.

In this very special case she even agreed to make a few phone calls for me to Japan.

Unbelievably after a very short time (2 phone calls to Japan later)  she told me, that she had found a man, who could be my father! She managed to contact him, and he now confirmed that he is the man, we are looking for!

When Iris told me about her/our success I was so happy that I couldn’t speak! It is so great to know that man I’ve been looking for for all my life! I can’t explain to anyone what that means to me and I’m so much looking forward to hopefully meet my father personally!

Iris, thank you very very much for your kind help! Thank you for the time you spent listening to me, and phoning to Japan. Thank you for the friendly advises about the Japanese culture I didn’t know before!

Thank you for your absolutely unique senses to find my father with so little information! I will never forget what you have done for me!

Fuji from Germany

*note from Iris: while this showed up a couple of times in my life, please note that finding family members is not an official service I offer ;-) 

Iris inspired me to discover new possibilities in and  for my life and to actually LIVE them…so many times and in practically all areas of my life.

What’s so special about her 'method'? She encouraged me to find the amazing abilities that I appreciate so much about her within myself! And all that was required was to allow and see everything that already has always been here and always will be accessible to all of us. And how? With fun and joy! “How much fun can it be to experience living from the awareness of living in the field of infinite possibilities?” Because today is a new day, no matter what is or was.

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! For everything!


Dear Iris,

I don’t know, what it is, that you did, but thank you so much!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! ;) Thank you, thank you and big hug!!!!!!


Dear Iris,

I am so grateful for everything you did for us! Once more, you helped me so much! Thank you!



Dear Iris,

I just wanted to let you know, that I facilitated/taught my very first own workshop yesterday, and it was FABULOUS! I thank you so much for all your support and inspiration! Thank you 1000 times and much LOVE to you :-)



Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me! I am doing really great, I feel more and more balanced within myself – which is wonderful - and am moving into my new apartment tomorrow!

Thank you so much, Iris, I am so much better now! You gave me the courage to become aware that I am o.k. and that I can take care of myself!

Thank you so much! Big energy hug! You are a blessing for the world ~ and most of all for me !!!


Dear Iris, my horse and I are well again! Thanks to you J Just wanted to let you know…enjoyed hearing your voice again so much last week!


Dear Iris, I am receiving so many blessings from our phone session. Not only but also the phenomenal new perspectives and insights showing up, THANK YOU! Much love to you!


Thank u for u! Thank u for ur awareness…Thank u for the gift that u are! I’m so grateful to be sharing this journey with u…And thank u for taking such delicate care in this explosion of consciousness transition for me…It’s a gift to feel ur energetic contribution…I’m so grateful for u!!!! XOXO


You are a total contribution and gift to my life and I love you!


Dear Iris, the surgery went well and my daughter is doing great again! Thank you so much for everything!


I used to have the problem with my job and work in general, that I felt trapped, with no choice, totally at the mercy of the circumstances...Iris showed me how much potential I have in this area, and that really I have a new choice every day, that I can choose what I feel like having, instead of basing all my decisions on old concepts of 'safety'.... So much more fun :) I completely re-defined my priorities in my job: I now ask myself what's joyful for me, and what other possibilities there are...So much has changed for me in this area and I am very grateful for the wonderful support and inspiration!



Thank you, all of you, for the wonderful inspiring stories and amazing feedback be it, what’s written here, even though I've only recently opened up this space, or what you simply told me/us about on the phone, at a workshop, telecall or any other event or occasion! I am receiving it and bathing in the energy of it!

At the same time I thank and acknowledge each and every one of you phenomenal beautiful beings, for letting the magic you truly are unfold more and more in your life :)

You are the one(s) inviting it in :) I see you!!!

And all the animals and plants on this planet thank you, too :)

You standing in your joy ~ whatever that is uniquely for you ~ is what is 'healing' the world as we know it...

so... how easy can it be for you, right here, right now, to give yourself permission and to actually choose to be outrageously happy? ;-)

You are a miracle and uniquely beautiful just the way you are….no matter where or how that might be right now!

You make my heart and soul sing just by being!

And yes, YOU too! :)




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